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Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag TYNOR

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Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag
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TYNOR Pelvic Traction Kit with Weight Bag G24 is designed to provide controlled and even traction to the lumbar, sacral and thoracic regions of vertebral column. It contains a pelvic traction belt which holds the pelvic area. It has straps on both sides which get attached to the spread bar and the traction pulley. The pulley can be adjusted to any bedside.It can be conveniently used at hospitals or at homes. Traction weight bag is also attached to it which provides weight to the pelvic area and relieves pain. It reduces pressure from the affected area and provides the accurate traction force which is required. It reduces any losses due to friction. It contains loop hook area to ensure both compression and flexibility. It has a sturdy design to ensure a longer functional life.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Provides traction to the lumbar, thoracic and sacral regions
  • Pelvic traction belt is also included
  • Straps on both sides which ensure the vector of the tractional force on
  • Provides uniform and controlled traction
  • Adjustable to the bedside
  • Relieves pressure from the pelvic area
  • Provides required traction force
  • Quite flexible to use
  • Ensures proper compression
  • Sturdy design

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