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Ash Brace Hyper Extension Brace Long TYNOR

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Ash Brace Hyper Extension Brace Long
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TYNOR Ash Brace Hyper Extension Brace Long A12  to immobilize the vertebral column and maintain it in neutral or slightly hyperextension position. It provides stabilization of the spine encourages cervical and lumbar lordosis thus relieving pressure on the anterior parts of the vertebral bodies. Designed to act on three point pressure principle by exerting pressure against sternum and pubis on ventral and the lumbar region on the dorsal. An easy, slide & screw mechanism ensure accurate height customization. Having anatomically shaped, etha foam covered pads, with swivel joints offer accurate interface & enhanced comfort. Broad & rigid back pad provides strong support to relieve the anterior pressure on vertebras. Constructed with aluminum body to ensure corrosion resistant, improved durability, dependable sturdiness, and appealing aesthetics. Also used in - osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine, vertebral bone tuberculosis, ankylosing spondylitis, Idiopathic hyperkyphosis of spine or Scheuermann’s disease, diskettes, in-operable vertebral fractures, intervertebral disc prolapse or herniation and in undisplaced stable fractures. Do not wash the product. Wipe with a clean, moist, lint-free fabric to clean. Available in two sizes small and large.


Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Customizable
  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Anatomical sternal and pubic pads

Salient feature
Aluminum body
Corrosion resistant, improved durability, dependable sturdiness, appealing aesthetics
Etha foam covered pads
Better impact absorption, enhanced comfort, reduced pressure on pubic and chest
Anatomical and rigid back pad
Better support for the back relieves the load on the anterior vertebra.
Easy to fit using easy slide and screw adjustment mechanism.
better immobilization and comfort, malleable horizontal bar, ensures close contoured fitting and effective immobilization.

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All products manufactured by Tynor Orthotics (P) Limited carry six months warranty against material or manufacturing defects . Defective units must be returned to Tynor Orthotics (P) Limited through the Super Dealer concerned for replacement, along with duly filled "Products Return Form" Liability of Tynor Orthotics (P) Limited shall be limited to the cost of product only.

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