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Air Mattress

The purpose of a decompression mattress is to distribute the body weight evenly on the air mattress by adjusting the firmness and softness of the air tubes inside the mattress through controlled expansion and the air-intake by the compressor. Parts of the body face zero pressure at times to allow blood flow through the pressed tissues and capillaries in order to exchange oxygen and nutrients. The mattress is an important aid for the prevention of bedsores for those who are bedridden, and can reduce the stress of caretakers.

Improves blood flow
Encourages lymph flow
Reduces pain caused by edema
Enhances respiratory function
Patients who are impaired (including spinal cord injury), Bedridden for a long time, unconscious, have urinary and fecal incontinence, are diabetic or have fragile skin, or suffer from weakness or malnutrition can use the decompression mattress to prevent and to manage the pressure sore problem.

Air Bed Bubble Mattress OLEX

Rs 2,175.00

Olex Air Bed Bubble Mattress (Bed Sore Prevention) anti- decubitus air pump and bubble mattress specifically designed for prevention of bedsores from the house of Olex. Simple to operate , portable and light-weight, this mattress useful for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

Air Bed Bubble Mattress
Price: Rs 2,175.00

Airwave 3 Medicated Pressure Relief Air Matress KARMA

Rs 4,853.00

Karma Airwave 3 Medical Air Mattress comes to your rescue, this one here comes with 8 major unique features which provide comfort, the built-in technology manages alternate airflow which in turn redistributes the body pressure. The constant airflow helps to adjust pressure supply- making it very stable. It also features a cutting-edge mechanism that reduces noise and releases heat to provide comfort and it also complies with EN71 toxicity and safety standards. 

Airwave 3 Medicated Pressure Relief Air Matress
Price: Rs 4,853.00
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