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Chakra Magnet Small Ayurved Set of 10 ACS

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Chakra Magnet Small Ayurved Set of 10
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ACS Chakra Magnet Small Ayurved Set of 10 397.

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Used in sujok therapy on the byol meridian points of the hands. It is fixed with tape on the meridian points. The north and south pole are indicated by different colour on the magnet.

Mechanical stimulation of a correspondence points produced by this applicator is intensified due to magnet star magnets are usually applied for several thousands increases organ functions star magnets are good for curing all diseases fall against different systems of the body eg paralysis, obesity joint pain, etc These are various types of magnetic are available like Byol magnets round magnets or ring magnets, Bar magnets.

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Weight: 10 g
Dimensions: 5 cm × 1 cm × 2 cm

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