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Pulman - Adour : Chaussures paramédicales et de confort.
Pulman is a famous, world-wide brand of quality comfort footwear and have innovative features which give the Pulman models their renowned reputation.
The Pulman brand of orthopedic shoes are well-known in medical and rehab facilities for their high-quality construction, stylish comfort, accommodating fit during recovery and ease of putting them on and taking them off.

New Laurel PULMAN

Rs 8,455.00

PULMAN New Laurel medical sandal from Pulman offer extra comfort and are fit for all diabetic patients. Open sandal-like design - with greater width and depth. PULMAN New Laurel.​

New Laurel PULMAN
New Laurel PULMANNew Laurel PULMANNew Laurel PULMANNew Laurel PULMAN
Price: Rs 8,455.00
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