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Dial Blood Pressure Monitor Decent Fixed Height Stand BPDL 537 DIAMOND

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Dial Blood Pressure Monitor Decent Fixed Height Stand BPDL 537
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Product Description and Details

DIAMOND Dial Blood Pressure Monitor Decent Fixed Height Stand BPDL 537  Clock Type BP Apparatus BPDL 237 with fixed height stand.

  • 6 x 6 inch big size Dial for better readability
  • Easy for BP measurement from a distance
  • Classic look, sturdy finish
  • Coiled, expandable rubber tubing
  • Special cuff, control valve, bladder and bulb more durable
  • Square shape printed dial with contrast color background
  • Face plate of dial can be tilted to any suitable reading angle


Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Casing is of a high profile Al-Zn alloy produced by Pressure Die Casting.
  • Bellows are of proven material for long lasting and better repeatability
  • Sector mechanism is specially designed for maximum repeat accuracy
  • Printed Dial has 20 to 300 mm of Hg scale with 2 mm of Hg resolution
  • Crystal clear cover glass for best visibility
  • All plastic and rubber parts are of first grade virgin material
  • Metal parts are treated with Nickel and Chromium plating to prevent corrosion
  • Best quality painting is adapted to whole body of the instrument
  • Special cuff is provided for getting excellent grip
  • Fixed on height stand
  • Wide base provided for perfect erection
  • Height of the instrument well suitable for normal bed height
  • Cuff with extra Velcro fastening to get confirmed grip
  • Extra coiled rubber tubing for additional distance coverage
  • Best Quality Caster wheels for easy and free movement

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