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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Semi Automatic M 60 BPDG 024 DIAMOND

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Semi Automatic M 60 BPDG 024
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Product Description and Details

DIAMOND Digital BP Semi Automatic M60 Code BPDG 024 Self Measuring Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Instruments. A perfect method to help your Doctor keep you fit and healthy! 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Available in digital type & dial type with built in stethoscope
  • Most accurate and convenient to use
  • Simplest method for measuring one's own blood pressure
  • Specially designed cuff for simplicity and accuracy
  • Proper placement of stethoscope to give confirmed sound beats
  • Automatic deflation
  • No human control for cuff pressure release is needed
  • Proven and universally accepted method in the medical profession
  • Best quality material is used

Self check digital blood pressure monitor 

  • Reliable and accurate since controlled deflation rate 
  • Memory with real time clock and date
  • Operates on 4 pencil cells, AA size
  • Manual inflation by bulb
  • Small portable easy to handle
  • Very low batery consumption

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BPDG 024


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