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 LED Deluxe BP Apparatus BPDG 141  DIAMOND

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 LED Deluxe BP Apparatus BPDG 141 
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Price: Rs 2,902.00

Product Description and Details

DIAMOND LED Delux Code BPDG-141 Desk Top Model Environment Friendly .As Accurate As Mercurial B.P. 

  • Functioning similar to Mercurial Instrument 
  • Rising spot LED shows you pressure value
  • Provided with adjacent LCD panel for easy pressure readout
  • Deluxe Cuff with special control valve
  • Dual Power Operation (Battery cum USB adaptor)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Very easy and simple to operate

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • As accurate as mercurial B.P.
  • B.P. measurement with stethoscope
  • Calibrated with standard U tube mercury manometer
  • Good calibration stability
  • New sensor technology
  • Cuff and rubber parts suitable for Indian weather conditions
  • Pulse rate display
  • Auto power off

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BPDG 141


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