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Orthopedic Back Support Long VISSCO

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Orthopedic Back Support Long
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VISSCO Orthopedic Back Support Long PC0108 Lightweight & portable back rest which gives spinal support when placed on any chair (office or home), automobile seat, sofa, wheel chair, bed or on the floor.long Full chair cushions combine the coccyx support with lumbar support, and sometimes run further up the chair, offering support for the neck or a headrest as well. These tend to be quite big and bulky, and are secured to the chair itself with straps or ties to prevent them slipping. This means that they cannot be moved from chair to chair as easily.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Is is a brace for back pain which does not have to be worn
  • Designed to be serve as a comfortable complete back & neck support
  • Lightweight & portable back rest which gives spinal support when placed on any chair (office or home), automobile seat, sofa, wheel chair, bed or on the floor
  • Adaptable design which conforms to most spines promotes relaxation
  • Unique shell shape conforms to the shape of most backs, eliminating lateral pressure upon the spine reducing discomfort and preventing fatigue
  • The curve shape also supports firmly the upper buttocks and the lumbar region while confirming to the natural curvature of the spine
  • Lumbar pad provided to be used in cases having a hollow back


  • For all-day therapeutic support and relaxation to the back and neck
  • For relief from neck and back pain associated with long hours of chair sitting
  • For supporting the spine and lumbar region
  • For improving posture when placed on poorly designed chairs
  • For slip disc patients and those having a hollow back
  • For reducing discomfort and pain after surgery
  • For supporting the upper rib cavity
  • For supporting and giving relief to the back in supine position
  • For use as an effective pain reliever due to arthritic disorders
  • For use as a preventive measure to avoid backache syndrome
  • For decreasing vibrations and shock to spine while driving
  • For use in any automobile and for long distance travel

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