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Philadelphia Immobilizer Padded Collar Special Size VISSCO

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Philadelphia Immobilizer Padded Collar Special Size
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Product Description and Details

VISSCO Philadelphia Cervical Collar Special Size 0317 is a neck brace used to prevent head and neck movement after a spinal cord injury. It supports your neck muscles and gives your spinal cord and ligaments time to heal. The collar is made of hard plastic, with Velcro straps to keep it closed. The front piece has a chin cup. The back piece is curved and fits against the lower part of your head. The Philadelphia Cervical Collar helps maintain a slight extension and its two piece design allows for easy application. The large trachea opening allows for quicker access to carotid pulse monitoring and its non-absorbent foam makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Firm stabilizationthephiladelphia collar provide superior stabilization, ensuring cervical spine immobilization.
  • Neck Immobilization
  • Very Light Weight
  • Water/Liquid Resistant
  • Trachea opening In Front Alleviates Heat And Moisture
  • Three Adjustable Sizes In 4 Different Heights
  • Front And Back Durable Plastic Limits Motion
  • Trachea Opening Provides Easy Access For Carotid Pulse And Tracheotomies
  • 2 Piece Shell Featuring Contours
  • Adjustable Chin Support Provides Airway Management
  • Resistant To Water For Bathing And Aquatic Therapy
  • Using front and back reinforcements,


  • Nerve Root Irritation
  • Stable/Simple Fractures
  • Reduced Dislocations
  • Transitioning From Halo Body Jacket

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

XL EXTRA LARGE (19-22 in)2 and 1/4 in3 and 1/4 in4 and 1/4 in5 and 1/4 in
XXL EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (22-25 in)2 and 1/4 in3 and 1/4 in4 and 1/4 in5 and 1/4 in

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