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Pile Cushion FLAMINGO

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Pile Cushion
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FLAMINGO Pile Cushion Code OC2180 When suffering from hemorrhoids/Piles, almost every aspect of relaxing is rebuked. Sitting is painful, lying down can cause pressure or tings in the muscles, and even standing can cause cringe-worthy's a seat cushion shaped like a seat- complete with a large hole. The outside area is built up with excess padding, and the entire ring connects so there are no seams or edges to dig or trigger a pressure point. Fancier versions also come with varying heights, handles, or specialized nodes to allow for the maximum amount of relief. All through sitting. Improve posture, which can increase blood flow and circulation to encourage natural body healing.Allow for easy travel for donut comfort when driving, working, sitting at home, and everywhere in between. Made of moulded polyurethane foam provides relief to endangered area when sitting for longer periods. Light Weight and easy to transport. Washable Cover. Egg Shell Moulded polyurethane for air circulation. Platform Layer.

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  • Made of moulded polyurethane
  • Provides relief to endangered area
  • Light Weight and easy to transport
  • Washable Cover
  • Egg Shell Moulded polyurethane For air circulation

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OC 2180


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