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Pody Style Noir Black Shoes PULMAN

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Pody Style Noir Black Shoes
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Product Description and Details

PULMAN Pody Style Noir Black are medical shoe from PULMAN offer extra comfort and are fit for all diabetic patients. Lower fit under ankle PULMAN Pody Style footwear. 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Pody Style is made of RAZETTI: Exclusive fabric complete air circulation
  • Specially designed for those who suffer with Toe and metatarsal head deformation (hallux Valgus)
  • This foot wear provide protection against bacteria and fungus due to its SANITIZED Treatment
  • Washable and removable which give clinician to add orthopedic insole.
  • No seams inside the shoes so is harmless to foot skin
  • Completely openable so easy to fit on the foot.
  • Outer sole is of PU, soft, supple and non-slip
  • Hand and Machine washable at 40o C
  • Fabric inside the shoes is very soft, which provide good comfort and absorb moisture during summer as well as retain moisture in the winter season.


• Available in shoe, boot or sandal style.
• Strong enough for everyday use.
• Pulman shoes are multi-adjustable with Velcro closures, giving ease of application and a perfect,
comfortable fit for feet of all shapes and sizes.
• The whole front of the shoe, plug and instep, lifts and opens as a unit. With the foot in place, the
front closes and fastens securely in whatever position fits best.
• Uppers are constructed of a laminated fully lined velour fabric that stretches and breathes,
maintaining optimum foot temperature.
• Pulman products have no irritating seams inside the shoes.
• The soles are light, supple, slip-resistant, adherent and quiet, with rounded edges to reduce the risk
of stumbling.
• The soft foam insoles have terry textured facing, and are removable for washing or the fitting of
orthopaedic insoles if required.

• The Pulman range of therapeutic footwear is designed for those who suffer from sensitive feet or
ailments which restrict mobility.
• They are particularly useful in post-operative foot care, and in the treatment of oedema, foot ulcers,
rheumatoid arthritis and malformed feet or those with other foot or toe problems.
• ‘Extra’ fittings feature greater width and depth to accommodate swollen or bandaged feet.

Product Care:
• Pulman footwear is sanitized for long-lasting protection against microbes and bacteria.
• Shoes and insoles are completely machine washable in warm water.
• Shoe trees are included to maintain shoe shape after washing.


Sizes are in UK  
Upper Material : Fabric 
Sole Material : PU

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

3623.59 2/8
3723.89 3/8
3824.59 5/8
3925.19 7/8
4125.710 1/8
422610 2/8
4326.710 4/8
4427.310 6/8
4628.311 1/8

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