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Static Foot Drop Splint AFO SALO

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Static Foot Drop Splint AFO
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Product Description and Details

SALO Static Foot Drop Splint this Ankle Foot Orthosis Static splint is used to support the weakened or paralyzed body parts in particular position like drop foot from a stroke. The AFO Static can be designed to help control adduction and abduction of the forefoot. AFOs Static, are devices that hold joints in constant position and are made of rigid materials.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Provides support to ankle foot complex in coronal plane and positions patient's foot in dorsi flexion during swing while allowing tibial progression during stance
  • For support and stabilization of the talocalcaneal, mid-tarsal and subtalar joints
  • Manages abnormal motion or severe pronation in the transverse and frontal planes
  • Stabilizes the ankle area medially, laterally and reduces either forefoot abduction or adduction
  • Useful in Varus, Valgus and Genu recurvatum correction
  • Promotes normal bio-mechanics
  • Does not support micro organism growth
    • Washable, odour free, tough, resilient and light weight
    • Designed for right or left foot use

Indications for Use
Compensate for Muscle weakness , Spinal cord Injury, Muscular dystrophy, Cerebal Palsy and Polio.
Multiple sclerosis and peripheral neuropathy.
Useful to reduce Plantar-Flexion Contracture.
Stabilizes the ankle area medially, laterally,and reduces either forefoot abduction or adduction.

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